The Words of the Robertson Family

Glen Prosen Workshop in Scotland

Hamish Robertson
June 28 -30, 2013

We held a workshop in Scotland this last weekend for learning to lecture Divine Principle. We concentrated on Creation on the first morning, Fall in the afternoon, and Restoration until the present on the following morning. Hamish Robertson gave a very brief introductory lecture on each part (5-10 minutes), followed by screen presentations (30 minutes) given by three experienced lecturers: Paul Currie on Creation, Arthur Gardner on Fall, and James Baughman on Restoration. The emphasis was on clarity and brevity. For each of the three parts of Principle, participants prepared a short lecture (7-10 minutes) on a section of their choice.

The purpose of the workshop was to encourage those who know Principle but have little experience of teaching it to learn to express themselves coherently and thereby spread True Parents' word more effectively. This will help us to fulfill tribal messiahship and influence our communities and nation to move in a heavenly direction by 2020.

In all, 12 of us participated, mostly elder members and one second gen, Hazel Fraser Harris. The setting was idyllic, in the upper reaches of a Highland glen. The weather was mostly fine. The bunk-bed accommodation was clean. We had Hoon Dok Hae and meals in the house, and walked down the road to the community hall for the lectures. James Baughman brought his guitar and our singing reached heights we had not experienced for a long time!

We went for a walk in the hills on the first afternoon and had a discussion about Vision 2020 and its relevance to Scotland in the evening. In all we had a good get-together with plenty of opportunity to converse and share. The workshop was a worthwhile experience and gives something to build on. 

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