The Words of the Robertson Family

Painting For All

Gilchrist Robertson
April 22, 2013
South London

The painting, which took place Saturday, 23rd March in our Peace Embassy was most enjoyable. Despite the wintery weather we actually started around ten thirty. There were six participants in total although more were expected. Markus Thonett came all the way from Alton in Hampshire to pass on some of his great artistic skills.

There were a few tables set up in the youth service room where there was enough space for everyone to paint freely.

The materials we used in this initial session were Acrylic paints; any other water-based paints could have been used. Markus started off by explaining what he wanted us to achieve from this session and asked everyone else to tell their expectations. He wanted us to overcome all concepts and fears of painting or doing something wrong and not being too concerned with painting a masterpiece either.

Starting off everyone painted anything they liked. Of course not being really satisfied with that, Markus asked us then to paint a 'really bad' painting when each one used paint and paper much more freely. The color mixing, the techniques and skills we learned improved as we carried on doing various paintings. One was to express a certain mood and then we guessed each others intentions. I was helping my dad, who cannot use his arms, to do his painting by following his instructions and by being 'his hands', Markus also helped him with other pieces and it brought amazing results!

In between painting, we sat around the kitchen table eating our lunch and having a much needed break. All was finished by 4:00 and we are now looking forward to the next session! 

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