The Words of the Robertson Family

Re-Discovering Divine Principle

Hamish Robertson
May 31, 2010

A Divine Principle Seminar was held in the Ramada Hotel in Glasgow on Saturday, 29th of May. This was the second in a series of Divine Principle seminars to be held in Scotland recently. The first was held at a hotel in Livingston where the lecturer Jack Corley was from Ireland. The second was held in the center of the city of Glasgow and the lecturer was Edward Stacey from the west country of England. Flora Robertson our MC guided us skillfully through the program.

There were over 20 participants including members, associates and new guests. One of the young members, Vladik Prichina, has just fulfilled a 7-day fast, followed by a week's hike on the West Highland Way from near Glasgow to Fort William. He brought two young women students from his university class to attend the seminar. Ed Stacey, as an elder member of much experience, gave deep lectures on the Creation, Fall and the fulfillment of God's purpose today. Ed joined the Unification Church in 1971 and has over thirty years of lecturing experience. His lectures are made all the more vivid by his background as a carpenter (Jesus' trade), his sincere search for the truth which led him to the Messiah and to become a father of a blessed family (118 Couples Blessing in Lancaster Gate, 1978). The seminar was well appreciated by all. 

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