The Words of the Robertson Family

STF First 2 Weeks FR Testimony

Niall Robertson
October 2004

Ok, well these two weeks have been pretty cool. I really love Holland and especially love Amsterdam. It is such a cool city, especially when it comes to blitzing. Blitzing is my favorite part of the day, where you can just let out all the energy that you have. Iíve had many cool experiences. Mostly in Irish pubs. Occasions where people made donations because I played them my Irish whistle, for example. But also deep experiences where I have really been moved by the people. For example, when giving money when it is all they have left.

Overall I am enjoying my time in Holland, although MFT can be tough, and I sometimes start to think what the point in it is when a blessed family would easily take us into their home. Anyway , Iím still learning. The good things about MFT are that you can easily see what your fallen natures are and what you need to work on. I was really glad to meet our trinity teams. It is a big boost of morale, because FR can become difficult at times.

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