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Austrian HARP News

Elisabeth Riehl
February 2004
Austrian HARP leader

Hello Europe!

It has been a while since the last time you heard from us.

Parents Committee

On the 7th of December the first Parents Committee meeting took place in Vienna. Four couples are part of the committee. They meet every 2 or 3 months to talk about things that happen in HARP, to give comments and feedback about decisions and to and state wishes for upcoming WSs or activities.

Regional meetings

In every region they had Christmas gatherings during December. Each region had different ideas. In Upper Austria they baked cookies, played games and spent the whole weekend together. In Carinthia they heard about Israel and went to the Christmas Market. In Styria they met after Sunday Service. In Vienna they had games, discussions and did a midnight prayer walk along the Danube River. On a different occasion they met to play soccer or went to various Christmas Markets.

Israel Peace Declaration

Of course we also supported the Israel Peace Declaration on the 22nd. There was a big rally in Vienna. And we are especially proud of one HARPie, Bogdan Pammer, who organised a Candle March in his hometown, inviting many youth groups and around 12 came.

Many greetings from Austria!

Elisabeth Riehl Austrian HARP leader

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