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Austria HARP October News 2003

Elisabeth Riehl
October, 2003
Austrian HARP Leader

Hi guys! This time I'll write about September and October. School started in September, so did our HARP activities. As a Committee we were looking for a van for our workshops. We compared a few and the first one we really looked at seemed to be perfect. It had been used by a children organisation to go food shopping and do some transports – exactly the same purpose as we needed it for. We decided to buy it with donations we had collected from the churches and blessed families in Austria. We are really happy and proud to have a vehicle now. You can find the picture on our homepage.

On the 20th and 21st we had our STF farewell party. Most of the STF people were in New York at that time, but we still had them in our thoughts and heart as we talked about STF, played Yute and spent some time together.

On the 28th of September we had our last Committee meeting with Pascal – who is on STF right now. We had a look at the last months of this year and decided what we still want to do and achieve.

In October we had a meeting for the parents in Vienna on the 13th. We talked about the summer WS and parents could tell us about how they see things going on in HARP. A few days later we met as a Committee again to talk about issues concerning our work together from the internal side. And we also planned a brother and sister convention – which you will hear about next time.

News from the regions

In Vienna David and Verena organized their last meeting on Saturday the 6th of September. They all went to a park, played sports and went back to the centre to watch some movies. One week later during Sunday Service they had their Farewell and the Inauguration of new Regional leaders, Marek Riehl and Olivia Schönegger. It was very nice. Everybody shared something about their experience. I am sure it was interesting for everybody to reflect about the last 2 years of their contribution to the Viennese HARP. After this Sunday Service we had another get-together in the park to play soccer and fly kites.

On the 11th of October Marek and Olivia had their first HARP day out in Schönbrunn, a famous castle with a huge park around. They had a chase with different stations and a testimony by a 1st Gen mother, Brigitte Schawaller. One week later there was the monthly soccer game and for the girls a running sushi lunch.

In Upper Austria there was a HARP day in Gaflenz, a WS centre, on the 4th and 5th of October with most of the HARPies. Even some guests from other regions came to participate at that event. There was a game competition evening outside and inside and on the next day a Sunday Service by our HARP President. On the 26th there was a ceremony to change regional leaders. Sandra finished school and started to work and Benigna Haslhofer and Ewald Schenkermayr became the two new leaders in Upper Austria.

In Carinthia there is also a new regional leader – Andreas Egger. He took Nathalie’s place because she went on STF. They had the change at the end of September. They already had a few get-togethers and Sunday Services.

Another HARP day was held in Styria on the 12th of October at one family’s home. One older HARPie, Emanuel Scherr, talked about Responsibility; afterwards they watched a movie called Shawshenk Redemption. At lunch there was time to talk and relax.

In the last 2 months every region organized either a HARP day or some meetings after Sunday Service and I am very happy about that. We also had changes in leadership in 3 regions and I am surprised at how smoothly the young leaders could slip into their role of an older brother or sister. They are very responsible and eager to take care of everyone. They already stand on a foundation and it is wonderful to see how the community bonds and grows stronger.

Warmest greetings from us!

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