The Words of the Reihl Family

National Harp Report-Austria

Elisabeth Riehl
June 2003
Austrian HARP leader

Hello there!

On the first weekend of the month we had a regional leaders meeting in Linz. A representative came From each region in Austria. We mainly talked about how to organise and delegate our work as leaders.

Our Easter WS for Senior HARPies was held in Seebenstein from the 12th till the 18th of April. We were a small group of 30 people. The motto this time was "Principles LIVE".

Besides different lectures about the motto, mainly done by Andreas Bauer, there was a special day with Martin Alexy from Slovakia. He lectured about purity and in the afternoon we discussed in groups of boys and girls to get deeper into the topic. Other lectures were given by Peter Zöhrer, Johannes Stampf, Harald Janisch and myself.
One thing I'm sure everybody will remember was our Challenge Day. Besides the normal Challenge there was an additional Extra Challenge for volunteers. These volunteers already started at midnight. At 5am everybody joined in and continued the course in teams till 4pm.

On the last day of the WS there was an open discussion about the topic "The Future of our 2nd Generation". Leaders of our church came to answer questions which the HARPies had prepared. Some parents joined us for this event. It was a good WS.

Andreas and I went to Tyrol on the 27th of April. There was a change in responsibilities. Dominic Z. concluded his work for HARP in Tyrol. T. Passecker took over and is now Regional leader there. The farewell of Dominic was part of the Tyrolean HARP day. The HARPies spent the whole weekend together.

There was also a big meeting of the Viennese HARPies on the 5th of April. They had discussion groups to improve WSs and other HARP activities. Afterwards they painted Easter eggs and had scrambled eggs. In Vienna the soccer club as well as DP-studies are developing on a regular base.

Greetings from the Austrian HARPies!!!

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