The Words of the Riedl Family

Poor God

Elisabeth Riedl
December 15, 1998

We can sympathize with God while he/she must be sad about us and our misdemeanors every day.

Surely this mistreatment is felt by all parties at certain times in life, and we wonder about it but why it is ? Heavenly Father wanted us to be likenesses of Him and thus gave us the freedom of decision and the freedom to grow and the allowance to become persons of love and the ability of the giving of love. How to develop the atmosphere of love? Why did often an atmosphere of fear and hostility more often or not take place, and after why is there a deep feeling of regret and sometimes emptiness or loneliness there ?

After the Fall ,God was lonely and the Garden was empty, and Heavenly Father must have been very sad and somewhat regretful.

Surely these were some of the feelings God had after the Fall. For us to feel the miserably sad heart of God is one of those depths which each of us feels or felt at some point in our lives, and is also not only to be an intellectual discourse but has a tendency to encompass our whole being in some form. Unknowingly we experience something which we feel is our own and all thoughts concentrate on this and our minds are blown. It is our own as it all happens there and the question remains; why? how to solve this?

Being completely caught up in a cloud in a low pressure area there is the beginning point of the clue ,where can I find the clue? Am I in a fairy story?

No this is real. I firmly believe that this time is perhaps the most difficult time in our lives ,but somehow there is a pattern in each of our lives which we live, such a pity the stories are remaining untold, but no help of comparison can unravel the answer which is waiting at the end of the day as each of us has a different but equally valuable thread and all journey on in its quest.

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