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Day of Families Observed in Seoul

Tokiko Richardson
May 23, 2012

Seoul, Korea -- An International Day of Families program for diplomats took place at the Unificationsim building in Seoul on May 19.

The event took place on a warm spring day in the lecture room of the Unificationism Building in Seoul. The room was nicely decorated by the skillful hands of Japanese women, and next to the stage stood a very beautiful flower arrangement created by Mrs. Fumiko Kadomatsu, who is an Ikebana Master.

The event was attended by 32 people, including 12 members of the diplomatic community, including H.E. Khamla Xayachack, Ambassador of Laos, and H.E. Albino Malungo, Ambassador of Angola. The other 10 members of the diplomatic community were from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Qatar, Ghana, and Bangladesh. Thus, the guests came from all corners of the world making the event even more colorful and meaningful.

The program started with some welcoming remarks by the emcees, Mr. Ferdinand Renz and Mrs. Elizabeth de Jong. The guests were introduced and the two ambassadors in attendance were recognized.

Then, Mr. Renz read the message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the International Day of Families.

A video presentation about UPF followed, showing UPF's UN-related activities.

The reading of a small chapter of UPF Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon's autobiography, "The Peaceful Family Is the Building Block of Heaven" by Mrs. Liz Kang clearly stated the importance he puts on the establishment of peaceful ideal families for the sake of world peace.

Following these important messages, guests were treated to a very uplifting musical offering by Mrs. Tokiko Richardson.

The two speakers for this event were, first of all, Dr. Eric Richardson, who explained the meaning and history of the UN International Day of Families and then Dr. Colette Takigawa, who gave a personal account of how she and her husband managed to balance work and family as an international couple.

After a toast for peace in families, guests were again treated to a musical offering, this time a performance on the Japanese Koto by Mrs. Reiko Ishibashi and Mrs. Eiko Miyachi.

The event ended with some refreshments and games during which husbands and wives, parents and children could relax in an informal manner. All guests felt free to stay and share with each other. 

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