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Update On CPL Blessed Wives Workshop

Mike Richardson
February 5, 2004

Dear Members,

Greetings. Some members have asked me about the wives' 40-day workshop schedules so I am pasting in some information below:

The 40-day workshops always start on Saturdays and end on Wednesdays and are ongoing without breaks. Therefore, any time a 40-day ends (a Wednesday) the next 40-day begins on the following Saturday, or 3 days later. Knowing this you can calculate when workshops begin and end. This of course is different than other specially scheduled workshops such as 21-day wife's workshops, leader's workshops, 8 day, etc. The general rule is that people can start up to two weeks after any beginning date in the 40-day. In the case of those with difficult schedules there is more flexibility. (I think the schedule at is not quite up to date. The current 40-day, for example, started on Dec. 31, (a Saturday) and will end on March 10 (a Wednesday.) You can calculate from there on into the summer to figure out the summer 40-day schedules. On the CP site you can see the current workshop fees when you click on the 40-day button on the homepage. Below is the schedule for 40-day and wives' workshops, which are, in this case, on the same schedule. Wives can attend any scheduled wives' workshop regardless of their particular blessing.

Schedule of Wives' Workshops Through August 2004 (On same schedule as normal ongoing 40-day workshops)

1800 Couples Wives - 82nd 40-Day 31 January 2004 to 10 March 2004

6000 and 2075 Couples Wives - 83rd 40-Day - 13 March 2004 to 21 April 2004

6500 and 1275 Couples Wives - 84th 40-Day - 24 April 2004 to 2 June 2004

30000 Couples Wives - 85th 40-Day - 5 June 2004 to 14 July 2004

360000 Couples Wives - 86th 40-Day - 17 July to 25 August 2004

All the Best,
Mike Richardson

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