The Words of the Reed Family

Commentary on My Pledge

John Reed
September 3, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, May 21, 2011

May I paraphrase it? It really speaks to what I am currently thinking and direction I find myself going in. This is my interpretation okay so please don't get upset if there's something you have a problem with. Just point it out to me. You know you can do that with me -- it's not a problem to have disagreements in the same cosmic family. :)

First of all when the pledge says Father I take that to mean God the Father. His will or desire is that I mature and fulfill the purpose of creation developing into a good person with a high standard of ethics and morality. Here I stand, aware of my responsibility, to inherit the created world and respond to God's will.

God is guiding and influencing me on the path towards maturity, as a child of God not only for my sake, but as a substantial representative to spread the ideals to others throughout the cosmos -- the spiritual and physical worlds. There has been a pattern established; and now I need to fully understand it, and do it adapting it to my level of influence in order to realize more fully the ideal of a restored, and the ultimate desired world of Gods original intention.

On the foundation of my internal life of prayer, faith, interaction with people, and practice of the principle and through my interaction with God, focusing on the ideals and dynamics of the principles of creation, being aware of the dynamics of how the world is corrupted and influenced, I will develop a foundation that will benefit God; and grow into a person that is the fulfillment of my original self, unencumbered, and no longer influenced by fallen nature.

My participation is such a noble idea is a source of pride and requires a serious commitment. 

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