The Words of the Reed Family

What is your ideal?

John Reed
September 3, 2011

Sun Myung Moon and family, May 21, 2011

I was just thinking that Father has created his ideal. At first you may be thinking: "Well -- yes of course". If you have been to a few workshops and been around for a while then that statement is a bit loaded. It has a whole lot of concepts to walk through. But just set those aside for now and consider that whatever the teaching is Father has actually lived his ideal. For some their ideal might be to live in a nice place in the country or be good at what you do or have a nice family or whatever you like.

I was taught about the ideal individual, family and so on. What about each one of us? What is your ideal? Let's say we have the basics understood and are applying them to the best of our ability -- mind is subject, developing your heart, the three blessings, and so on from the principle book but there's another aspect to this as well and that is how are you creating your own ideal that fits into the basic ideal.

God gives us an opportunity to create whatever we want. So what is your ideal. Father already did his. You know it may not be as hard as we may think. Imagine functioning as an individual as God originally intended. Everyone would have been doing that ideally -- it wouldn't have been so difficult. We only see it as a far off reality because we inherited a bad environment, not conducive to ideal life. So what is your ideal? (Assuming you are already using the principle of creation as a guide; and are aware of the dynamics of chapter two?) 

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