The Words of the Reed Family

Report on Washington DC 40 Day HDH condition

David Reed
May 12, 2008

At the March 16, 2008, Palm Sunday Service ACLC National Chairman and Washington, D.C. Bloc Advisor, Bishop Ki Hoon Kim invited the congregation to join him in beginning a 40-Day 5:00 am Prayer Hoon Dok Hae Condition at the Washington, D.C., Columbia Road Church. The condition would begin the very next morning.

One the very first morning more than twenty people attended and began what would become a very significant condition for brothers and sisters in Washington Metropolitan area. The time and location were not convenient, yet many brothers and sisters challenged themselves in order to make this condition. Going beyond the difficulties of time and location, one couple strategically calculated that it would be better to walk a very long distance and arrive on time than to catch the bus right outside their home and arrive late to Hoon Dok Hae.

This was only the first of many testimonies which were shared on the first day of the condition. Later that day we would receive the news of our dear brother Hyo Jin Hyung Nim's passing. That night the church was filled to capacity as members from throughout the region joined together to celebrate Hyo Jin Nimís Seung Wha ceremony and ascension to the spiritual world. Bishop Kim explained that True Parents had changed his name to "son of loyalty and filial piety" and that he would be the gatekeeper to welcome members into the Kingdom of Heaven. That night, as the night before, was filled with so many testimonies from members who had many special personal experiences with Hyo Jin Nim. Some emphasized his music, some emphasized his passion, but everyone emphasized his filial piety and his loyalty to our True Parents.

Now, in such a tender environment we would continue to gather each morning at 5 am, pray, greet Heavenly Father and True Parents, read from the "Messages of Peace", share our testimonies and hear from Bishop Kim.

Bishop Kim would continue to give constant encouragement, throughout the rest of the condition. We received inspirational testimonies from brothers and sisters every single day. Many began to feel a special significance of being called to the Washington, D.C., Capitol Church. Reflecting upon our lives of faith, we concluded that we must step up to the plate and recommit ourselves. Many of our members witnessed to their friends and colleagues and the numbers of participants continued to grow daily. Members began to experience the feeling that the entire Washington, D.C. Church community was being resurrected through this condition. Even when Bishop Kim was called to join True Parents in Hawaii, the condition continued at full strength. Rev. David Reed (now the newly appointed Assistant Pastor of the DC Church) was chosen to lead the morning gathering and the participation just continued to grow.

Those who participated testified as to their own spiritual growth. They testified to their heightened awareness of the love of God, whether it be in their relationship with their spouse or in their relationship with their brothers and sisters, and other friends and members. Several members testified as to the elimination of personal problems. Many shared how they were developing and feeling a greater sense of security. It was a wonderful time to be together and it brought us closer to the proper way to live in the era after the coming of heaven. On many occasions, Bishop Kim would drive members home after they had taken one or two busses to the church. On other occasions he invited many members out to breakfast before beginning the rest of their day.

By the end of the condition, regular participation had grown tremendously, with brothers and sisters coming from other corners of the region. Members were sharing many deep and personal experiences. Their spiritual lives were changing and growing in ways that they had never expected. Many members from outlying areas, joined especially on the final three days Then, on the final day of the condition, Rev. Jenkins joined us and shared very deep internal guidance. Bishop Kim was then inspired to immediately begin the second stage of what would now be a 120 day condition. Then, just as we began the second forty day period, we had the blessing to welcome True Parents to Washington, D.C. and to join them for Hoon Dok Hae on several mornings. What a wonderful blessing!

During the forty days, Bishop Kim had shared from a variety of experiences in his life. As our elder brother, he naturally won our hearts with his example, his love and his guidance. The internal guidance we received from him was deeply appreciated by everyone. We will always be grateful to him for this wonderful inspiration to rekindle the tradition of restoration through indemnity by setting the proper conditions to receive Godís blessings. Hoon Dok Hae, once thought of as a condition, has now become a tradition once again in the Washington, D.C., Capitol Church. Thank-you, Bishop Kim; Thank-you, True Parents; and Thank-you, Heavenly Father. Aju!

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