The Words of the Reed Family

Divine Principle Seminar Letter

David Reed
September 17, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

True Father said again on August 15, 2002 that in the future all Divine Principle lectures should be given using the chart (method).

The following excerpts are from the Leader's meeting at the Hannam-dong House - June 20, 1994.

The lifeline of our members is to live according to God's word. You have to nurture and develop your own life. The Church will not do it for you. What I have been emphasizing since last year (1993) is to lecture, absolutely, using the book. If you learn the Principle just by listening to lectures, it is difficult for you to convey your understanding at home or other places.

The Divine Principle in our lives

When The Divine Principle was being written, I directed everything. I had it written because fallen people need something to study. This book must be valued.

As you may know True Father gave special instructions to Rev. Hyo Won Eu regarding the content of those earlier texts. Later Dr. Won Pok Choi "labored with considerable erudition" to make the first English translation in 1973. Now Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu has prepared diagramed lectures and materials, allowing True Father's words of 1994 to ring prophetic once again.

Then anyone will be able to give lectures, whether they have a college degree or not; by all means anyone can use the book and diagramed manual to explain the Principle.

If you are at all inspired by these proceedings, please attend the planning meeting on Tuesday, September 17, 7:00 pm at Upshur House. This planning meeting is for those who are very interested in True Father's Guidance on the Diagramed lectures and materials.

On Saturday 21 at 10:00 am we shall begin the Diagramed Lecture Seminar and it will continue until 6:00 pm. Please be on time. At that time I will share and instruct you on how to utilize this Diagramed Lecture method. Lunch will not be provided.

You are welcome to invite and bring your guests, as this learning experience is meant for all. As True Father says, "If you continue to use the book, in four years you will be way ahead of those who did not use the book."

May God Continue to Bless you and Your Family,
Rev. David L. Reed
Divine Principle Education Department
National Headquarters Office 

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