The Words of the Read Family

Witnessing and Chill Out in South London

Sonja Read
February 25, 2013

We held a second witnessing initiative for young people in South London on a Sunday after family service. We were 28 altogether, ranging from age 12 to 23 years old. As most of us had already participated in a similar witnessing initiative a couple of months ago, we were interested in doing something similar again. We started by discussing the results from last time -- 3 people had contacted us as a result of our last witnessing effort and they received Father Moon's autobiography. One of the organizer's read a very positive and encouraging text message he had received from one of them.

Participants were encouraged to set a goal for themselves and to try and talk to at least some people instead of just handing out leaflets for the entire time, although that was also a possibility.

We paired up and gave out leaflets advertising Father Moon's autobiography. If people are interested they should get back to us by phone or email and we will deliver them a free book. Generally many had a more challenging experience today than last time. Still participants seemed positive and willing to do a witnessing initiative again in the future.

We tried to be more 'spiritual' this time, encouraging everyone to pray for this day and also praying before going out, but I didn't feel it was a lot more spiritual than last time. After spending an hour witnessing we came back to the South London Peace Embassy, shared about our experiences and spent the afternoon playing board games together. 

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