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Purity Ring

Timothy Read
November 17, 2004

Hello everyone,

I was in the Youth Dept fortnightly meeting on Monday, where I presented the latest on the purity ring. (see attached picture). I have been in contact with Anton Studer in Switzerland, who is willing and able to make the rings for us. The design can cater for 35 characters inside the ring, and the outside design has to be engraved, not embossed. After discussing the wording with many people, we came up with FOR GOD AND MY ETERNAL LOVE. We wanted to go for KEEPING MY PURITY FOR THE PERSON AND TIME GOD CHOOSES, or KEEPING MY PURITY FOR WHO AND WHEN GOD CHOOSES but these were too long. Because of the design he has to make ten versions, one for each ring size. The cost will be ?200 per version (i.e. an initial outlay of ?2000), plus ?40- ?50 per ring, in silver. We (The Movement) can pay for the initial outlay, so each ring will be around ?50. I am meeting the finance committee tomorrow to ask permission to go ahead with the ?2000; however, we may have to compromise and split the outlay between the families and Movement.

Tim Read

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