The Words of the Read Family

Cleeve House

Tim Read
August 22, 2004

Dear brothers and sisters,

After my last letter about Cleeve, where it looked as though it might finally have to be sold because of the costs involved and the lack of a realistic way to run the house on a long-term basis, a number of members, headed up by Mr. Carlo Zaccarelli, have made a proposal to restore it to a legally useable standard within a few months, and run it as a financially viable project within two years. This involves considerable sacrifice by them, and a lot of hard work, thus saving the Movement the enormous costs that we felt we could not afford.

We recently had a detailed planning meeting, and created a Cleeve House Management Committee, headed by myself, consisting of Carlo Zaccarelli, members of the Cleeve restoration team, and our finance committee. Various advisors and specialists will be called in from time to time to help in its running.

In the meeting we thrashed through a variety of key points and came to a consensus on a basic restoration and business plan, which will be re-assessed as time goes on.

The goal for the building is to have a first class workshop centre for our own use. To ensure the financial stability of the house and its long-term contribution to the Movement, we are also planning to develop a series of business activities to support the income generated by workshops.

As the projectís success is uncertain, we will review its progress regularly, and by the end of July 2006 it will become clear as to whether or not it is viable.

As you may imagine, the plans are not simple, and we are relying on all our membersí good will to make it work. We will start fund-raising for the project immediately, and if you would like to know more details there will be a display at the Cleeve Annual meeting for you to look at, which will outline the main elements of the plan.

God bless, ITPN Tim Read

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