The Words of the Read Family

Letter From Our National Leader Tim Read

Tim Read
June 27, 2004

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your increasing efforts for the providence.

7th Mobilisation to Israel

Our European President recently returned from Korea with the news that True Father has given a direction for each continent to organize its own Middle East Peace Initiative. Europe is scheduled for the first two weeks in September from the 1st to the 15th. We have been asked to mobilise more than 500 participants from Europe.

A first reaction to this direction was that we should hold our 4th IIPC 3 Day DP Symposium for Ambassadors for Peace in Israel at that time as well as a large mobilisation of members. Regional leaders have met over the last 2 days to discuss details and decide on immediate preparations, and more detailed information and directions will be sent out soon. In the meantime please be prepared to ask your guests to go to Israel for some time in that two-week period, and to go yourselves for the two weeks at the beginning of September.

True Father’s entry: 2nd Appeal

We have lodged our appeal for True Fathers entry with the IAT, and it will probably be 4-6 weeks before we get a decision about whether leave to appeal has been granted. This is not a completely foregone conclusion.

Given the great importance of the points of law to be reviewed and the high public profile of the case, a refusal to entertain the appeal is somewhat unlikely. However, we shouldn’t be at all complacent, and I would like those of you who can, to pray for a good outcome of this preliminary step.

God bless,
ITPN Tim Read

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