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Mobilization Letter

Tim Read
January 18, 2004

Dear brothers and sisters,

As you have heard, we have finally come to a clear plan on the mobilisation of members abroad. I know some of you have been waiting a while to know what to do, and have felt increasing frustration at "the leadership" for being unable to come up with some clear directions.

First of all Iím sorry that it has been difficult for you. I appreciate your desire and willingness to offer yourself, and indirectly your family, to God, and Iím sorry if some of you are running out of steam for want of clear instructions.

The reasons for the delay are that the Jerusalem mobilisation, followed by meetings with True Father, preparations for Godís Day, and the extended Godís Day programme until the 4th January, meant that Rev Kwak was not able to meet continental directors as soon as he would have liked to be able to co-ordinate events. Thus we had no clear directions until last week, when I was called to Germany for an emergency meeting on Rev Songís return from Korea.

Another difficulty is that on Friday I heard that there is a real possibility that True Father can come in the near future, with all the expenses that entails. Yesterday, also, we were finally able to make a costing for our appeal for True Fatherís entry. Together the costs are over £150,000 Ė money that we just donít have.

My initial idea was that each nation should take care of incoming mobilizees, and a fund could be set up for those left behind from our UK membership. However, it requires all nations to agree to do that, and as it was this option was not possible, as many nations are not able to bear that financial burden. In light of the above paragraph we canít either. I hope you can see the difficulties we are now trying to overcome Ö In his instructions, Pres Song said:

The Peace United Nations Ambassadors for Peace should be responsible for their own travel expenses to their mission country. The group of supporters should be responsible for the daily expenses of the Peace United Nations Ambassadors for Peace in his or her mission country. We estimated a daily need of Ä 20. - Per Peace United Nations Ambassadors for Peace.

The group of supporters doesnít need to be limited to a group of eight supporters but can be expanded to the Peace United Nations Ambassadors for Peace original church community or a wider group of supporters organised by the national leadership.

Rotation of Peace United Nations Ambassadors for Peace is possible but the minimum stay in the mission country should be two weeks.

It is my earnest hope and desire that this providence initiated by our True Parents can be a real turning point of witnessing for us all here in Europe. I do not see the Peace United Nations Ambassadors for Peace providence as a temporary phenomenon, but as a system, which needs to be developed and expanded beyond the year 2004 and beyond the group of four Peace United Nations Ambassadors for Peace for each nation and the group of eight supporters. True Father assigned all Blessed Couples as Peace United Nations Ambassadors for Peace therefore all Blessed Couples should have the opportunity to be part of it.

I believe that each Blessed Couple has the possibility to dedicate some amount of money for this project and can decide on a certain time period within the year to be dedicated for witnessing. Even it is only for two weeks and with a small financial contribution, the benefit and blessing for each Blessed Couple will be tremendous.

I heard of the date for the appeal on Friday, which left us with a 38-day period to prepare. All being well, True Father will come shortly after that. Isnít it surprising how after all these years the two dates coincide?

I think that all this difficulty is our last ditch possibility to make a total offering for True Parentsí entry, so please consider your mobilisation, for however long you can manage, in that light. Its very important, and even though we donít have to go to the cross in place of the Messiah, we do have to restore that failure Ė something that Christians failed miserably to do at the end of WWII Ė and our country is one which has that responsibility.

Please do your best to find a solution so that you can be mobilised. We succeeded in the USA, Korea and Israel and we need to succeed on the horizontal expansion of that mobilisation as well.

Please phone us if you feel you need to talk.

God bless,
ITPN Tim and Dolores Read

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