The Words of the Rapkins Family

The third of our 21-day campaigns is now over

Carl and Linna Rapkins
May 15, 1971
Denver, Colorado

The level of activity here in the Denver Center reached an all-time high during the month of April and the first few days of May. Until the end of our third 21 day campaign on May 4, every minute of waking time apart from our jobs seemed literally to be crammed with increased teaching responsibilities, preparations for lectures (new witnessing materials and silk-screened posters), and intense "chando-ing".

The initial meetings of our two Denver Free University Courses brought twenty new people to hear the Principle and to be introduced to our worldwide Family.

Our Family in Denver now includes not only new center directors, Carl and Linna Rapkins, formerly of the Canadian Family, but two bright and active sisters from the Berkeley Family, Maryellen McCabe and Mary 0' Brien, whose welcome to Denver consisted of almost immediately joining us in street witnessing!

Our church strategy is being put into effect as we have Family members attending at least six different churches in the area. We have two sisters, Judy and Susan, established in choirs, and two sisters are attending a newly formed, social-action oriented youth group, Mary and Alice. The rest of us are seeking churches with good potential for drawing people that would be receptive to principle or positions of service within the church.

The month of April also marked a breakthrough after several years of attempts at being allowed to present Principle on the campus of Denver University. During this time we were able to present three introductory lectures at two-week intervals_ Publicity for these events was especially aided by our newly created silk-screening department which produced originally designed posters that followed the same theme as our invitations, for each meeting. This production resulted in 30 posters for "The Unification Movement", 100 posters for "Prophet for a New Age" and 300 posters for "Symbol of Unity". Through determined efforts in just these past few weeks at Denver University, our group is already becoming known on campus there.

The third of our 21-day campaigns is now over, and already we can see accomplishments which have been made. The first campaign brought our somewhat newly assembled Denver Family to a foundation of understanding among us upon which we can grow. During the second we received notice that we would be allowed to lecture at Denver University and increased our number of witnessing prospects by shifting our schedule so that we would be able to witness to people during the hours of daylight after work. The third brought the beginning of a time of fulfilling accomplishments for our work here as the center began to function at a higher level of harmonious interaction, we were finally able to work actively at Denver University, and there were many new faces at our lectures.

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