The Words of the Rapkins Family

Canada was blessed with our first visit from Miss Young Oon Kim

Carl and Linna Rapkins
January 26, 1970
Toronto, Canada

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu

About one year and six month ago in a little one-room apartment. Father's work in Toronto was begun and, thanks to His very close guidance and constant help, we now have a 10 room house one block from main hippie village, 3 blocks from a shopping area, and a 15 minute walk from the university.

Canada, as you may or may not know, is the second largest- country in the world with only about 21,000,000 inhabitants. Over 2/5 are of British stock and about 30 per cent are of French ancestry. When you think of Canada you may conjure up visions of dog sleds and mounted police, but come and visit us sometimes and you will soon see a land of burgeoning cities, fishing village, plains of golden wheat, towering mountains, and even hot, humid summers. Did you know the southernmost tip of Canada is on the same latitude as northern California?

Toronto is said to be the fastest growing city in North America, with high-rise apartments and modern shopping system growing like the proverbial mushrooms in spring. The population is now something like 1,900,000. Toronto is an Indian word meaning Meeting place; and meeting place it truly is. During one night of witnessing, it is easily possible to speak to Greeks, Italians, French, Germans, English, Americans (i.e. U.S.), and Africans. People come and go constantly, so regardless of the number of times we witness in one area, we always see new faces.

There are around 33,000 students, plus 30,000 night students, at the University of Toronto, as well as large enrollments at several other colleges and universities in the city.

Toronto has been called the city of churches with places of worship for more than 50 different denominations scattered over the city, representing everything from traditional Roman Catholic to Ukrainian Orthodox to Japanese Pentecostal.

The People and way of life here are rather similar to that in the States, but a touch of the British influence results in a more gentile, conservative nature, Coming from States, we find it refreshingly friendly and safe here. Of course, Satanic forces are at work and the problems that plague the U.S. are gradually gaining momentum, so we are eager to work as fast as we can. Can this little family of 8 on 76 Scollard Street save this vast, beautiful country? We must!

January proved to be a most wonderful month, for we were blessed with our first visit from Miss Kim, an event we had been anticipating for months. Most of our activities were carried on as usual, but many happy hours were spent in sharing questions and answers, testimonies, and singing. She was able to contact many of the friends she made when she was studying at the University of Toronto almost 20 years ago. While she was here we invited friends in two different nights to hear testimonies and ask questions, and many evenings we had others to dinner who wanted to meet Miss Kim or who were studying the Principle. This month we have had approximately 35 new people come to hear lectures and many nights there were meetings taking place in 4 or 5 different rooms at one time. Several people are now studying with us in greater depth.

Alan Wilding put an advertisement in the personal column of the classified ads, which said he was looking for prayer groups, and at least 25 to 30 people called. Some were cranks, but others were very sincere and several people have heard lectures as a result of this.

We sang to our neighbors on Scollard Street before Christmas, singing appropriate songs written by family members around the world. Bob Duffy played the guitar until his fingers refused to move any longer because of the cold We simply wished them a Merry Christmas in the traditional fashion and left them with a special Christmas season invitation to come to our house and hear about a new revelation.

Also around the holiday season, we tried witnessing to people in bars, by engaging in casual conversation and leading up to the topic of Principle. Many people go to bars who are lonely and discouraged and they often welcome someone to talk too.

We here in Canada, truly appreciate and thoroughly enjoy this new magazine and we feel it is the most important link for Family members around the world. May Father's kingdom quickly expand.

Deepest love

Carl and Linna Rapkins 

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