The Words of the Quigley Family

Reflection of 40 days Peace Task force

Chizuru Quigley
June 15, 2004

Dear Chicago family members

Here is a reflection of 40 day peace task force for women in Israel given by Chizuru Quigley.

By writing this report, I hope last 40days women's mobilization to be an offering to God and True parents. A few days after our arrival to Jerusalem, we were sent to different cities of Israel , and I went to Haifa the north part of Israel joining a special task force team mostly consist of Japanese and Korean sisters going door to door visiting Arab villages and Jewish towns There in the front line I met so many beautiful Israeli and Palestinian people and sufferings of both people. I felt drunk with the beauties of the land of Israel which God had promised, maybe because the places I fund raised were so close to Lebanon ," the desert shall rejoice and blossom like crocus it shall blossom abundantly and rejoice with joy and singing . The glory of Lebanon shall be given to it. " But I felt God's sadness as I saw the beauty of land and smelled the fragrances of the flowers. ". When I visited Arab villages shinning faces were on every family wherever I visited and everybody welcomed us inside in their homes and tried to feed us and gave Arabic coffee , of which I drank too much All family with grandparents lived together and the children were running all over town without worry about anything . I felt I witnessed one aspect of what Heaven is like even though later on I saw the other side of Arab people in different poor areas . Many Korean elder sisters told me that Arab people were very similar to Korean people. However deep heavenliness of Arab people I witnessed made me wondered why for a long time in my heart. There were any shadow of terrorists nor wars in them but what I saw were only a harmony and a beauty of families and even a beautiful fragrances were coming out from each homes. After coming back to Jerusalem a few lectures on the history of the Arabs and Israelis were given by a National leader which gave me a hint to my questions. What I felt was if their heavenliness I experienced were coming from their faith in God and fruits of their continuation of tribal traditions which Jews , Muslim ancestors and even Jesus had practiced in the land of Israel as a chosen people , what I saw in Palestinian people were only a glimpse and a seed of heavenly culture of love which God had planted on the land of Israel and tried to complete by sending Jesus to all the descendants of Abraham and to the world. . If Jews could have accepted Jesus then what kinds of heavenly love family cultures they could be established 2000 years ago instead Jews were scattered all over the world and had to adapted themselves into different cultures so what I saw in them during short period of staying were not a single cultures but a faith and the suffering of heart. But since I don't have an educated background in this field of study only I can question with my heart.

Israeli members, centered on National Messiahs Rev. & Mrs. Abe and National leaders Mr. & Mrs. Benzvi , with their dedication and purity , helped us to feel God's presence while we were in Israel. Many Japanese sisters left their children and babies for 3 years in Japan to establish a foundation in Israel. We visited Jewish settlers area towns and Orthodox Jewish area in Jerusalem. Many of them invited us in their homes and shared their life histories and even didn't want us to leave . One older lady came to settle from England when she was a little girl whose husband helped his relatives and friends flee from Nazi Germany shared all her history and a history of Israel and asked me why they hate us so much . One lady told me that she can't support for reconciliation and peace any more after she had attended her best friend's children's funeral who was killed by a terrorist attack. A student at the English and American Orthodox Jewish college who witnessed a terrorist attack which killed 20 people near his apartment questioned and shared all his heart for peace outside of his apartment . One professor in Orthodox Jewish area signed on a paper for supporting reconciliation and Peace . One grandfather in the old city who is a descendant of Prophet Mohammed and his grandfather was a grand chief of Musk of the Dome of Rock , shared all history of Palestinians and told me that Zionists are the enemies of Palestine people . He told me proudly about an Grand mufti of Palestinian ,Haj Amin al-Husseini , a friend of Hitler , who helped to kick out many Jews from Israel and to collect Jews in Europe. But I didn't see those enemies that both were talking about neither in Palatine and Jewish people whom I met. ... later on I saw a enemy within myself who was just like the pharisees and blind Jews who persecuted Jesus . I saw a narrow minded Christian and self righteousness Christian who persecuted Jews and killed Jewish people inside of myself . Then I realized that not listening to the original mind of love is a sin that made Father put in Prison , Heung Jim nim suffered, and that made True mother shad tears. I couldn't have tears to shed in Israel even when I heard many stories their sufferings and histories of their country as it was too much for me even to start to understand them but only I tried to understand and pray for them. In Jerusalem I visited Hebrew university for 2 weeks where we set up a book table as the School decided to support our activity " Mother's heart for Peace " on campus that was also guided by God. As they opposed us in the beginning by telling us Peace as a political. I felt the heart of True Mother is winning over them with love in many places we went.

In the past True Mother appeared as a symbol in the form of cranes . Twenty years ago I was in Japan, God showed me as I was like a Kamikaze soldier in the front line and lost God , True Mother appeared in a form of cranes for one week that taught me to give with most sincerity and love to people as an object to True Father's heart and result will follow it. I found God again. The 2nd time in October 1999 when Japanese missionaries were sent by Father to America. They came with Bishop Kim to Champaign at that time . On the way to Champaign , they saw a big cloud just like a crane in the blue sky so clearly trying feed her children.

When I heard that from the missionaries leader, Mrs. Itosaka and the sisters, I felt True Mother came along with the Japanese missionaries and Bishop Kim trying take care of people in America.

This time I didn't see any signs of Mother . Except Mrs. Abe once gave a beautiful testimony about True Mother's course and her heart. That made my heart realized some deep part of True mother's suffering and victory. Sarah had to love Ha gar to become a victorious mother and overcame the test of love.

I realized later that this time we sisters went as a representative of True Mother to heal the land of Israel and if we are the representatives of True mother we are able to digest everything with love and even to be able to heal people. And if we are mothers, there will be no archangels and enemies. It is too long ways to go to become like True Mother , but with repentance of heart , I felt we can start again.

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