The Words of the Presley Family

Testimony from Norman Presley

June, 1997

I work in Kentucky as a real estate agent and I run a small picture business, My wife, Noriko, takes care of our four children at home. We were matched and blessed in 1982.

I went out with the state leader to see how to door knock and Pre-Bless people. It seemed so natural and easy. I then went to the local religious store and purchased a "Blessing Kit." This is used by ministers to give communion. It consists of a tube that holds 20 cups for Holy Wine, a plastic bottle to hold the Holy Wine, and a tin cup with a lid which works perfectly to hold Holy Water. I then typed a copy of the Blessing Vows that I could fit in the top of the carrying case which also comes with it. My total cost for this was only $44.00. It's perfect! Noriko and I take it with us any time we go somewhere.

May 5, 1997. The first night Noriko and I went out we were going to go door knocking to Pre-Bless people. That night I had to have some papers signed by one of my customers who was buying a home for investment. He is a C.P.A. I told Noriko we should try to Bless them. They are strong Christians. We asked them about doing the blessing ceremony and they had some questions about our belief in Jesus and the Bible. As I explained some very basics of our belief I felt the spirit world move them. They then took the Holy Wine, a sprinkle of Holy Water, the Blessing Vows, a Prayer and they filled out the application. Not to mention signing the papers to sell them a house. We then door knocked for about an hour at some humble apartments. Most people were not married, but we became comfortable in our door knocking apartments. No one was negative! No one!

May 6, 1997. I called a long time friend of mine from high school and told him simply, "Noriko and I are coming over to Bless you". He said, "We can use all the blessing we can get ... Come on over!" His father was there, who is now a single and witnessed the ceremony. We then explained about the matching and boldly told him we could have him married by Nov. 29th. His wife sincerely thanked us for blessing them and we then went door knocking at some nicer apartments. We door knocked for less than an hour and blessed another Mexican couple.

May 7, 1997. Tonight I had to have some real estate papers signed by a very nice couple so I called them and told them my wife would be coming and we would like to bless them. They said, "Come on over!". I thought this is great so before leaving I called another old friend who I used to be in a rock band with, and is happily married, and only lived two blocks from my real estate customer. I told him we would like to come over and bless them. He said, "Come on over!". We then loaded up all four of our children and blessed my customer and signed the real estate papers. We then went to my friends home, blessed them and spent about an hour socializing and the children playing with each other. At 9:30, after taking the wife and children home, my friend and I went fishing until 1:00 a. m. We were catching one fish after another. I thought of Father's lifestyle and his tireless energy.

Each night after blessing people we can't sleep! You can feel God laughing with you! You really can! Noriko and I sometimes talk for hours before falling sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Then wake up on time to get the kids to school with plenty of energy.

May 8, 1997. Tonight I had to go to have some real estate papers signed by a nice couple who have their home listed with me. I loaded up the wife and kids again and of course not forgetting our handy Blessing Kit.. They are an older couple, the husband had a heart transplant last year. We asked them to get blessed and they were overjoyed. After the ceremony hugs were exchanged and I noticed a slight tear in the eye of the wife. We then signed the real estate papers. Another night of talking and feeling God's happiness.

May 10, 1997. Without calling we went to my old neighborhood and knocked on the door of the older couple who were good friends. After spending a little time reminiscing we asked them if we could bless them. They said we'd love to. We blessed them as it became late without knowing our little time had become a couple hours. Again ever night we feel close to Father's heart.

May 13, 1997. My friend, who we blessed on the 6th, came over for dinner. They wanted more information about the matching because the wife thought it would be good idea for her brother to get matched (so did her mother). We promised to get the information to them.

May 15, 1997. It's been so busy for a few days with school events and our whole family going different directions but, tonight we found time. We tried calling a friend but, the phone line was continuously busy. We loaded up the children and went there. To our misfortune the husband was still at work but, we set up a time next week when the husband would be off. On the way home we were driving past another Realtor's home who's husband is an assistant minister. We pulled in their driveway and we all went to knock on the door (all four children were with us of course). When she came to the door I said, "Hey, we're doing some church work!" She said, "Come on in!" Our children were ushered to play with their grandchild who was there. Her husband had just gotten back from a Promise Keepers seminar which is very similar to our blessing vows but, it's not done with the wives. We explained we were with Rev. Moon and I gave him the True Family Festival Application Form (I have no flyers or brochures. The application is the only written thing I have with me. The Marriage commitments on the application form is really what it all boils down to.) He read the Marriage Commitments as we talked with the wife. I watched his expressionless face and thought maybe we would receive our first no. The grandchild hurt himself or something and the husband went to take care of him. I started to pray and Noriko seemed to just love up the wife without even noticing the husband. I decided to focus my attention on the wife as well and we both just loved her as much as we could.

After about 5 minutes, (which seemed like an hour to me) the husband came back and started to fill out the application and said, "I'd love to do this and we really want to go to Washington for the main festival." It was as if a warm spirit had filled the room. He then said his brother is a pastor and he thought he would love to this as well. They thanked us for the opportunity and were very happy.

Noriko and I decided to give dinner for two certificates to some of our spiritual children. I purchased several certificates at a local restaurant and mailed them to some along with a thank you note. It's great for follow up and to really give Father's love to them.

May 16, 1997. There is a professional stand-up comedian who lives three blocks from me. He and his wife own a home here in Kentucky and one in Hollywood, CA. I worked with the wife's sister a few years ago and that's how I know them. I called him last night and explained about the blessing. We made an appointment for 10:30 this morning. He called and said some other people were stopping by but, please come on over. We arrived and talked a few minutes about the blessing and the festival. They said let's do it. We blessed them and the wife began crying. They were married by a Justice of the Peace and never had a religious wedding. They were so happy. They wanted to save the cup which the Holy Wine was in as a keepsake.

... the husband and I went to a local Dairy Queen and had a little late dinner. He told me that during the day he had been on the phone telling one of his friends that they had to be blessed and how wonderful it felt. He wants to arrange a Blessing/Barbecue at his home and invite some married couples. Again, I don't place all my hopes on such events. It really takes getting out and door knocking.

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