The Words of the Porter Family

My trip brought new impetus to the Italian movement

Martin Porter
October 12, 1971
Rome, Italy

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

impetus to the Italian movement, new zeal and new direction. The new center is on the first floor in a street near the university. It has 9 rooms and much more space than the previous center. I am looking also for a new place in Milan. I have been there many times and have changed several members and the outcome has been very positive. Recently Mr. Kuboki spent seven days with us and we were able to make many appointments for him to meet with spiritual and government leaders. Apart from this aspect of the trip the members had an opportunity to meet Mr. Kuboki which they certainly will not forget.

In these days there has been the synod of Bishops in Rome. The difference between the conservative and progressive elements became even more pronounced. As to the churches attitude on communism His Eminence Cardinal Yu Pin said, "Even though the church has denounced communism in every aspect of its ideology there is little anti-communist activity." We hope though to be able to organize a united front with different Christian and anti-communist groups.

We send out love and prayers to Our Parents and all the Korean members.

In Our Parents' Name,
Martin and Dawn Porter 

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