The Words of the Porter Family

National Report on Italy

Martin Porter
October 31 -- November 2, 1970
Second European Conference
Essen, West Germany

Martin Porter (Italy) Addressing at the Conference

Our Leader coming to Italy brought a radical change to the movement. Our Tactics were changed completely. Italian characteristics -- they are different due to the tightly knit family system, the Roman Catholic Church and Communists. You may or may not realize the Roman Catholic Church and Communists work together for financial reasons. To overcome the tightly knit situation the Master gave the following direction: "Win the Parents so as to be able to take their children." Work through the parents to get their children. It is difficult for young people to change their lives living at home. Young people leaving their homes has caused much persecution which exists today.

We have centers in Rome and Milan. There are so many on teaching nights in Milan that they must get a new center. People are coming all the time to both Rome and Milan. A group is forming in Florence. Carlo Zaccarelli went to Syria as missionary. We hope to be able to send out another foreign missionary. We have about fifty full time and another forty members. We have contacts in universities. We make contact with people in parks. Most people are open to discussion but do not believe in God.

Yolande in Milan, she brought in most of the Family members in Milan. She has been speaking of the new age for the last 25/30 years. All her friends followed her into principle. So Barbara, Yolande and Carla co-ordinate the group in Milan.

Witnessing to individuals we have talked to various groups. Most effective we find is direct person to person. At present we have many young people studying and many have heard in the last work. The Vatican has heard a lot about us and several prelates have heard. Some are very interested. They are becoming more and aware of the signs of the times.

No financial enterprises at this time. 'We don't have any financial problems as we don't have any finance. No anticommunist group but we hope to start one soon.

A rebel theologian in Florence has accepted and one catholic priest wants to become perfect.


Leader: Martin and Dawn Porter


ASS-UMC, via Luigi Gaetano Marini 46/16 Roma, Tel. 7884714

No of fully dedicated members: 15

Total number of members: 40

Total number of Centers: 2

Date of Opening of first center: 7/7/1966

Other Centers

Barbara Burrowes
Via Bronzetti I

Also a group beginning in Florence 

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