The Words of the Porter Family

We are marking a group condition for Italy's restoration

Martin Porter
September 25 1970
Rome, Italy

Dear Family,

First of all we would like to say how deeply moved we all were to hear about Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu's passing into the Spirit World, he has been a great man here on earth and he will be a great man in the Spirit World!

A few days ago Carlo Zaccarelli came back from Syria, it was a joy to see him after all these months! He has been working in Damascus University making friends with many students and even talking about Principle to some of the more receptive ones. As the country is in war and most people are communist there is no freedom to speak or write, this is the main reason why he has never written his monthly report to 'The way of the World'. Carlo has talked about his experiences to the Roman Family, who was most eager to hear them, and will be going tomorrow to share the same experience with the Milanese Family!

Romans have finally come back from holidays, and we can finally start being really active again in university and groups!

We have also established a weekly preaching section, were members give lectures, on whatever subject they feel (that has naturally God as its base) hoping that this will help our brothers and sisters who have never exposed their thoughts to a public to become good preachers.

These are basically our news.

We want to express our joy for the coming great blessing, and our gratitude to the Parents who have made such a wonderful event possible.

Our love and prayers are with you, in the name of our True Parents,

Martin Porter 

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