The Words of the Porter Family

This month has been very full of great events

Martin Porter
June 30, 1970
Rome, Italy

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

This month has been very full of great events. We celebrated World Day in Rome and Milan, praying and giving thanks to our Parents for this great event. Also on the seventh Of June, the day in which we celebrated World Day, Timoteo Ottaviano [Porter] was born, so we had yet another thing our Father for. Timoteo means "Honoring God," Ottaviano means "New Start." He was born very healthy with dark hair, green eyes and large lungs for making himself heard; however he is a quiet baby. Dawn [Porter] too is very well.

Our activities are continuing in university, training those who have accepted and meeting new students.

Not being able to go to Holland myself, to learn about guns we sent Elio from Milan who is a technician and has much experience as a salesman. When he returned from Holland both he and Barbara came down to Rome for one day and I received all the information about the gun business. Elio also told many things he had learned from Teddy about Korea that were very interesting to the family here.

This is all our news from Rome, we send our love to the Korean Family in Their Precious names.

Martin Porter 

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