The Words of the Porter Family

Martin and Marion Porter - Exemplary 43 Couple

Michael Jenkins
October 9, 2006

Dear Family,

I just received a call from Dr. Martin Porter sharing with me that his beautiful wife Marion has just passed into the spirit world. They are a model blessed central family from the 43 couples' blessing. Dr. Porter expressed the gratitude that they have shared for God and True Parents and their blessing. He also said, "We have no regrets; we are so grateful for everything in our lives and now Marion is free."

Such faith and love. We know that this attitude of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to God is a profound comfort to True Parents. Such faith strengthens all of us.

We ask that you pray for Martin and his wife Marion and their family. They are one in heart with each other and with True Parents.

Over the 19 years in which Marion dealt with her illness they both always sacrificed and served for the public mission. They always demonstrated such a positive, upbeat and faithful spirit - this surely extended Marions life to full completion on earth.

We love you, Martin and Marion, and thank you for your example.

We know that abundant blessing and comfort from God are now flowing to Marion, Martin and the whole family.

Let us all pray and do all we can to bring comfort and support to their beautiful family and their offering and lifestyle that exemplifies True Parents so well.

In True Parent's Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor
Family Church of America

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