The Words of the Porter Family

Expression Of Gratitude And Short Bio Of Mrs. Porter

Martin Porter
October 7, 2006

Greetings Michael. I hope this finds you well. Thank you for informing True Parents about Marion. She is sorry to go the SW before the True Parents.

Even though Marion has been battling cancer in different parts of the body for 18 years she always maintained a very positive, prayerful attitude, and service to brothers and sisters. She was always grateful for her life and all that she had to confront. Unwavering in her commitment to the True Parents.

Dr. Martin Porter

Note from Rev. Jenkins:
Dr. Porter is currently the Pastor of the New Jersey Family Church working with District Director Rev. Barry Geller.

Here is a short bio for Marion:

Born 09/06/1939: Glen Ridge, NJ.

Father son of an Anglican Priest and mother a Christian Scientist.

Graduate of NYU

Joined UC in Italy in December 1965

1967 Pioneer in England

First Pioneer to Ireland

Pioneered in Las Vegas, Nevada

Worked in Los Angeles, CA

Day of Hope Campaign

First Minister's team in NYC with Dr. David Kim

1977 Blessed with Dr. Martin Porter Later in 1977 was transferred to Canada.

Developed mission until September 1983 Transferred to Bayou La Batre, AL until 1999.

Worked with ministers, secretary to the Minister's Alliance, secretary to the Police Advisory Council, Mobile AL 1989-1996

Worked in Germany to support work with machine tool industry

1996 transferred to New Jersey

Went to the Spirit World October 7th, 2006, at 7.30 pm

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