The Words of the Portelance Family

Understanding How our Mind Works

Roddy Portelance
January 24, 2013

The Conscious Mind has the ability to makes things Positive or Negative

- It has the ability to Accept or Reject

- You have the choice to Accept or Reject……Bad News Paper Articles… Etc.…

- Don't Internalize the Negativity…..just say "That's Interesting" and change the subject. Don't get caught up in it. Flip it to something Positive.

- Your Conscious Mind has the Ability to Originated Ides but also to Accept or Reject

- The subconscious mind does not have that ability. It can only accept it cannot reject. -- - It accepts everything that comes to it as real. It has No Ability to Reject.

- Just stop now and close your Eyes and Mentally Relax. Build a Picture in your Mind and let your Subconscious Mind get Emotionally Evolved

- Your Subconscious Mind will take it and Accept it as Real… because in your Mind it is Real

- It has No Ability to differentiate between that which is real or just imagined…It has no ability to reject

- It is a Beautiful Concept because you are turning your World into something you wanted it to be right now. 

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