The Words of the Portelance Family

What Works

Roddy Portelance
October 22, 2011

There was a woman, whose husband died very suddenly. He owned an engineering firm. It was not a big company, they did about ten million a year, but it was not a corner store. And everybody thought that she would sell the business since she never really had anything to do with it. She would show up at social functions but she really never went to the office. Everybody thought she would sell it except her.

After her husband was buried and the smoke cleared and the dust settled, she went in and she called the head of the various departments in and she just asked them three questions. She said, "What are you doing? What works? And what does not?" Then, she gave them permission to stop doing what did not work and take the energy and the time that they were spending on that and put it into what does work.

Do you know that she took that business to twenty-five million and that is all she did. She goes in there every three to four months. What are you doing? What works? What does not? But you know something?

I want you to spend five minutes, write the questions down: what am I doing? And fill it in. What works? Fill it in. What does not? Make up your mind. You are going to stop what does not work, and take the time you are putting into that which does work. Everything goes up, including your income! 

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