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We need to Change the Way we Think

Roddy Portelance
August 25, 2010

Hello Everyone,

If you are not receiving the Blessings that you would like to have, maybe there is something that needs to change.

We need to ask ourselves, "Could there be something wrong with the way I think."

Did you know that 80% of what comes into your mind everyday is negative. So what are you going to do about that?

What are you doing to feed your mind Great Thoughts. Father has given us the Truth, but if I asked everyone to give me 5 Quotes from True Parents, you would be hard pressed to do so. However, if I asked a Christian to give me Quotes from Jesus, they could recite Quote after Quote, Verse after Verse. So ask yourself. "Am I doing enough" Well we know the answer.

Don't worry, there is ways to make it a lot better, however we need to "Change the Way we Think"

We need to ask ourselves this question. "What am I doing to develop Myself and what am I doing to develop Others?"

I am going to give you some food for thought and you can e-mail me for practical strategies for success.

The more Valid Reasons you have to Pursue your Dreams, the more you will Achieve it.

Do You own your Dream, because if you do, you will bet on Yourself.

The dream is Free, the Journey isn't.

Have you included the People you need around you to determine your Dream?

Living for the sake of Others isn't a concept, it is a life style.

If we can pray to God and come up with an idea, and hold it before Heaven, God will help it come into Form.

The discipline is to keep your thoughts in a realm that God can Work. So you need Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!!!

Just small little steps, moving in the right direction everyday will change everything.

Invest 120% of your energy. Even though you may fail by doing so, it is not a Failure. Someone who can help you will certainly come forward.

Sometimes Practice is more precious than Prayer.

Practice don't just Pledge

Hope is not realistic. It is a Future Dream. However, it is realized in actuality, it can bring fourth more Value and Joy

We need to put Fathers Words to work. We have read all the Speeches, listened to the talks, and now we need to act out the Content. We can't just analyze or we will create the Famous Disease called Analysis Paralysis.

Learn one quote from True Parents Every Day and practice saying and doing it every chance you get. You won't believe the Change that will happen.

Try it for 40 Days and let me know what happened. I know it works and I want you to see it work.

God Bless You All

Roddy, Yoko and Family 

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