The Words of the Portelance Family

Two Easy Ways to become a Better Witnesser

Roddy Portelance
June 15, 2010
True Family Health Training Academy

You need to remember these 2 Lines of approach.

1. Do you know how...

2. Well what I do is...

Most conversations end up talking about Health, Money, Politics and Family.

When the conversation you are having leads into this Statement... So, What do you do?

Here is what you say:

Do you know how Teen Agers can be very rebellious to their Parents. Do you know how all the Stresses in Families can cause Family breakdown?

Well what I do is show Families how to be more Harmonious, and how to bridge the Parent Child Relationship by having more Love in the Family.

And, I teach this through an understanding called the Divine Principle.


What you want to describe is Problems the world has.

Then you want to give Solutions.

Problems ...

Describe Problems (Do You Know How...)


Give Solutions (Well What I Do Is...)

If your solution stimulates curiosity... He or She, will ask...Can you Teach me this Divine Principle.

All you need to do now, is role play scenarios of different types of conversations. Describe Problems... and give Solutions

We have this precious understanding in the Divine Principle and we need to find more effective ways to introduce it to everyone.

This is one...

Please Enjoy...

With all our Love,
Roddy, Yoko and Family 

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