The Words of the Portelance Family

Nature, Witnessing and God's Love

Roddy Portelance
April 2009

Witnessing is very different from what it was before. What everyone wants is to experience is an environment of love. Sadly, we don't have enough experience providing that. However, there is hope; God revealed something to me recently, and I would like to share it with you.

We need to use nature more effectively. People experience God's love most fully in nature, even if they don't know what to call it. They just say that going into nature makes them feel good -- walking in the woods, watching a sunset from a beach, smelling flowers. God's love is powerful and prevalent in nature. We need to allow God some space to educate His children. God revealed this to me, so I put it to work.

I have been teaching members of the second generation for the past twelve years.' At the last workshop I gave in Michigan, a U.S. state that borders Canada, where I live, I bought some blank notebooks (the paper kind) and gave one to each participant. I gave them topics to choose from and asked them to go off into nature, ask God about the topics and write down what they heard. Some of the topics were the Parent-Child Relationship, the Purpose of Life, How God Speaks to You, Why Teenagers Are Rebellious, and Why Teenagers Complain.

God revealed so much to the blessed children as they asked God about these topics surrounded by nature's beauty. Everyone knew that God loved the exercise. God has so much to share with His children; if you give Him the chance, He will let you know so many precious points.

I realized that witnessing has to be the same way. We need to use the creation more than PowerPoint, and help people feel a love they have never felt before.

We have been given something precious from True Parents that is not in books or on blackboards. It is in our loving actions, and we either have that, or we don't. We need to ask ourselves, Is Heavenly Father's love in my family? If God's love is missing, you need to stop and readjust your focus. If God's love is there, you are doing fine and everything will work out. 

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