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21-Day Training Program With Roddy Portelance

May 9, 2007

Dear Leaders and Families,

We are expecting and Exciting Training this Summer. It will run from July 1st until July 21. 2007. We will be gathering on June 29th at World Education College (WEC) in Stoney Creek.

We just finished adding more information on our web site:

Please take a look and view our video of our 2006 program. It will give you a good idea of what the Second Generation experienced.

We will be taking applications until May 15th.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With all our Love,
Roddy, Yoko and Family

April 25th , 2007

Dear Parents and Families,

There is nothing more precious then our children and nothing more important than the Education and Training of our second generation.

We have been busy planning and getting ready for our 21-day 2007 workshop. This year we are fortunate once again to have secured the World Education College (WEC) in Stoney Creek, Ontario. We will get together at WEC to arrange teams, depart for our fundraising adventures and return for the Divine Principle study session, graduation and closing ceremonies. To see an overview of our 2006 workshop click on the Summer 2006 menu item on the left. We have put together a short video that will give you a clear picture of the format, some of the sights and activities as well as our 5 year plan.

The 21-day workshop gives the youth a balance of spiritual growth and character development and is long enough to witness change and maturity. We have been training Second generation for the last 10 years with 21-day programs that start from July 1st and run through July 21. We will pick up everyone who arrives by air at the Pearson International Airport on June 29th, 2007. Please schedule flights to arrive in the early afternoon. During our 21-day programs we have crossed Canada many times and have witnessed the true heart of the Canadian people.

At the True Family Health Training Academy Inc. we teach your children to fundraise which adds spiritual muscle and develops confidence in their character. We also teach business skills that can help lessen the financial burden of the parents.

We teach the Divine Principle from beginning to end to make everyone aware of its understanding and ways to apply the principle in everyday life. Besides putting spiritual muscle on your child, we put physical muscle on them with our training in swimming, running, kayaking, exercise circuit system, rock jumping, basketball, soccer, karaoke, and more. We sing together, play music together, do sports together, and develop together. All teenagers are encouraged to bring any musical instrument that they can carry. (E.g. guitar, viola, violin, flute, clarinet etc…)

My goal is to purchase a property that can train and develop the second generation all summer long. The more they work and develop together the more God's providence can move forward. Our 21-day program this year will be held at our new World Education College of Applied Theology in Stoney Creek. It was a high school that was purchased by Sun Moon University. It has the capacity to hold hundreds of young people. This kind of training is for teenagers only.

If you are interested in having your children participate you need to notify Roddy Portelance by May, 15th 2007.

We can use all the volunteer help we can get. However, I will do my best to pay the help what I can. The cost per child is $300.00 each for the 21 days. We decided to make it only a $100.00 per week because we will be fundraising for some period, to offset the cost.

We are hoping for all the Canadian teenagers to attend and for all the American members that want to come up north. What we want to do for the future is to pay for all the help we can get. We feel it is one of the best ways to set up a good team that will be able to train first and second generations for years to come. We need good reliable and responsible educators and it will be good to pay them in the future.

If you are interested please let me know ASAP. Based on the help we can get will determine the amount of teenagers we can handle.

We have two 15-passenger vans but we could use more vans and experienced team captains for fundraising. The team captains will be paid. If you can rent a 12 or 15 passenger van we will pay the cost. This camp is run like a business so all the money generated will go back into True Family Health Training Academy.

We will soon purchase land and more equipment so that we can operate all summer and create employment opportunities for our kids.

God bless everyone and let's have a great camp.

Thank-you for your consideration.

Roddy Portelance
True Family Health Training Academy Inc.

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