The Words of the Pollitt Family

UK Kick off workshop Reflection

Daniel Pollitt
April 6, 2006

"This was a really great WS even though it was only 3 days long.

It all started in the evening with a general introduction to Jr. STF followed by a really good talk by Geros who basically set the scene for all of us. For HDH the next morning we watched a video about HJN and STF. This was beneficial for everyone because it really filled us all with motivation, ready for the challenge day ahead.

After an introduction to the core values we set out on an "X-men" themed challenge day with every person having their own limitations and powers. We had about 6 hours to complete all 10 challenges, which required us to practice what we had learned about the Core Values. The challenges ranged from pushing a car up a hill right the way to two of the team members cleaning the rest of the teams feet!

The day was rounded up with a really deep and moving prayer evening that I am sure a lot of the participants want forget.

The final day was also an important and interesting day. In the morning Stephan talked to us about all the practical elements of participating in Jr. STF when at home. At the end of the workshop the only thing we were all whishing was for it to be longer. I am now really looking forward to starting the Jr. STF program at home with inspiration from this Kick off workshop and with the support form the rest of Jr. STF across Europe."

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