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Testimonies – Korea

Roland Platt
January 2012

Here are some short testimonies written by members of the GPA choir during the end of their experiences in South Korea during the new year celebrations.

We are in Busan right now, the very beginning of Tongil Gyo. What an incredible experience this has been. After doing just about everything there is to do in Korea, I know it'll take a while for everything to sink in. I simply can't think of a highlight because every moment GPA has shared here was a highlight in its own way, in fact, in terms of highlights, this trip has been the highlight of this year on GPA, the highlight of my life of faith and definitely one of the most incredible blessings I have ever had. But enough about me, during this trip I have had the opportunity to grow a more personal relationship with God and True Parents, as well as learn about my roots, and the history of True Parents' lives. The amount of devotion that the Korean church family has is top notch. Here in Korea, we can find some of the absolute best examples of what a follower of True Parents is like. I have been deeply moved by the Korean members who resemble Father's looks and his heart more than any other people. Being here and spending time with True Parents, True Family, and many spiritual leaders and devoted followers has inspired me to go further with my life. "Because God exists we can accomplish anything" and because True Parents have laid the most incredible foundation, it is up to us, it is up to the 2nd Gen. to become the leaders of tomorrow and carry on True Parents' heart and their teachings. Thank you In Jin Nim, thank you God and True Parents for this life changing opportunity and experience. AJU.


I wish this testimony wasn't so rushed because I have so much to say about my experience from Korea. One experience that stands out is our private meeting with Kook Jin Nim. I really enjoyed hearing his talk about how Abel must be strong to overcome Cain. Spending time with Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim really helped me understand how all the True Children are working in different ways to support God and True Parents. More than anything, during this trip I learned that investment never ends and that we can always trust God. I am so indebted to GPA and In Jin Nim for allowing me to experience Korea and see so many historic places for our church such as the first holy ground in Busan. These experiences have helped me understand True Parents and solidify my faith.


Every waking moment I could not believe I was in Korea, Father's and Mother's homeland, in the land of the heart. Witnessing the troubles that strike society and the course Father walked moves me to want to act.

Before coming to Korea, what Father was doing seemed to be what the messiah should be doing. But seeing the Little Angels bring tears to the American Veterans, the bell that the 172 clergy rang for the unity of Korea, the rooms that the True Children stayed in when they were younger created a beautiful painting of absolute faith. The path that Father needed to take is that much more impressive and solidifies the declaration that they are the True Parents of all mankind. Every new place we went to left me in absolute amazement at the strength and will True Parents have to complete God's mission. It really put everything into perspective: why True Parents expects so much from 2nd Gen., why In Jin Nim invests so much, why our parents sacrificed so much. It is because this is now our time to take the baton and sprint to the finish line. It is our time to be at the front line of this heavenly war. It is our chance to bring God and True Parents victory.

Being in Korea allowed me to understand my value and my mission in life. I accept, and I believe I am truly blessed to be a part of this providential movement.


It's crazy to think that we have been in Korea now for 2 weeks. The things we have done are unforgettable. We had the amazing opportunity to understand a little more of Father's heart as we traveled to our church's historical locations. I couldn't fully understand Father's heart until I came to Korea and we walked the same paths he walked, prayed by the same rocks he prayed, and went to his Palace, where God can dwell happily on Earth. Coming to Korea in the form of a choir made the experience that much more exciting. Music touched the hearts of people. And the heart of God. Every time we sang a note, I could feel God's happiness. We are all so closely bonded with one another, and have grown ever closer through the course we have traveled here as we visited Holy Grounds, and places where so much foundation was laid. I feel as though my faith has become so much deeper and stronger since coming here.

I feel God's heart here in Korea. In the mountains and on the ocean. God is happy here in His homeland where so much foundation has been laid. The blessing we have received here are indescribable. I have felt Heavenly Father and True Father's pain/suffering, but also His Joy. Both of their Joys. The church here in Korea all over the country is quite different. It is easier to see the heart of True Parents and the people are older, wiser, and very full of undying love for God and True Parents. I so baldly want to inherit the hear for True Parents which these devoted members have. My life of faith has been put to the test while I have been here. And I realized how far away I am from where I should be and where God would like me to be. This morning, we walked up the mountain where the Busan church (the first church Father made, out of boxes) sat at the bottom.

On the way up we stopped at the rock of tears the rock which Father spent countless hours praying and crying to God. True Father laid all of his foundation for our church on that mountain. As I walked up, I was so exhausted and wanted to give up. I thought of Father however. And I thought about how Father would die going up that mountain, before giving up. I felt so weak and selfish because I knew it was God speaking to me and telling me that I need to recheck my faith because it's weak. He was very strict with me but I heard Him tell me that I was still at the level where I would choose myself over Him if it came down to it. I felt like weeping because I am not worthy enough of God's love. I don't deserve any of it, and yet, when we reached the top of the mountain, where the first holy ground in the world was, I still felt God's completely unconditional love illuminate me, he doesn't hold back no matter how much it hurts him. Heavenly Father will never give up on us, even if we all gave up on Him, I want to inherit that heart.


This trip to Korea has been the most unbelievable experience. I never expected such amazing blessing. Through a lot of the experiences here, I was able to better understand the foundation we stand on. By seeing the 1st church HQ, True Family's graves, and True Parents and True Family, the stories ad sacrifices became so much more real to me and more close to my heart. I always knew I understood how much True Family and 1st Gen. sacrificed, but it never hit my heart hard. It gave me a new drive and determination to move forward and not let all the blood, sweat, and tears go to waste. At the same time, being here gave me a glimpse and hope for the future. We participated in a parade, representing True Parents, attended to World CARP Assembly with 2nd Gen. from around the world, saw some of the places we own like Yong Pyong, Little Angels, Il Hwa company. The parade was the first time we proclaimed True Parents in such an extravagant way to the world, but I feel like it's the time now. People are going to connect the success and excellence of such places/people to the True Parents and can't deny what they've done for the world.


Right now we are at our last day in Korea before we head to Japan, and Prepare to Care. I have much thanks but I don't know how to return the gratitude. So many blessing, one after the other. How do I show that I am grateful for all this. I find myself unworthy at times for all this blessing. So much love. I feel that if I start complaining about myself of others around me, I realize how much I have been given so I can't be ungrateful. I remind myself to serve others, to care for others. I found myself thinking about that and acting on those thoughts. We have really been blessed for all that we have reserved. It was my first time in Korea and it has been a great experience. One that I will never forget. In Jin Nim deserves much thanks for all her support, and her belief in every one of us. It makes us proud to represent her and do our best for her on out behalf. I would like to thank God and True Parents for everything. 

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