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STF Graduation for Families

Roland Platt
May 5, 2010

Dear STF Families,

We are having an exciting end of year and time is flying by, it's hard to believe graduation will be in a month!

This year's STF conclusion workshop will be held at Camp Sunrise, surrounded by beautiful nature. The teams will arrive on June 1st morning and will spend a few days to look back on the year and claim the victories. On Friday 4th the teams will move to NYC and be staying at 43rd St.

We are expecting to have a special Graduation Gala hosted by In Jin Nim at the Manhattan Center on Friday 4th (around 7 pm). The Graduation Ceremony itself would be held on Saturday at the 43rd St building, (most likely in the afternoon/evening), and all participants will stay over for Lovin' Life on Sunday morning. Everyone is free to depart on Sunday afternoon -- if you are booking flights later in the day is safer, as we are not sure if In Jin Nim would choose to speak to STF after Lovin' Life.

Parents and siblings are very welcome to join in these 3 events: Gala, Graduation and Lovin' Life. We will not be holding a "Families workshop" in the traditional sense, since the year is ending… but we encourage you to join in from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. All accommodation and transportation is up to the families to organize.

We have arranged for the New Yorker Hotel to provide rooms at a discounted rate for this purpose (probably around $65 per person, we will provide information soon about how to go about this). There are very convenient shuttles from all 3 major NY airports (JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Intl') to Penn Station which is a block away from the New Yorker.

Another option would be to stay at a Blessed Family friend's home in the New York, New Jersey area, but getting around would be more complicated.

To make the most of this end of STF year we would highly encourage you to be in New York City from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon; hope you can join us!

Please stay tuned for further updates,

STF staff 

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