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The New STF

Roland Platt
March 30, 2010

STF USA would like to announce a newly developed program for the coming year of 2010-2011

Based on the inspiration and leadership of In Jin Nim, STF is evolving into a comprehensive one-year program. This program will include activities such as, Outreach, Lovin' Life Internships, International Service Projects, Fundraising and Ocean Challenge. Throughout this exciting year, you will greatly enhance your public speaking, written expression, and all around internal and external excellence!

The New STF is on track to become a premiere educational tool for our youth to successfully transition from high school to college or university. The New STF provides support as you learn to embrace healthy spiritual, heartistic, intellectual and physical challenges.

STF 2010-11 will be based on a trimester system, as you rotate through the following 2 ½ month modules:

Module 1: Outreach and Lovin' Life Internship

Centered in the heart of New York City, in our very own 43rd St building, you will be introduced to the flagship of our movement… Lovin' Life Ministries! Nothing compares with experiencing Lovin' Life Live. Mind blowing music, heartwarming message, ballroom dancing and much more, make New York City the place to be. Most significantly you will gain a priceless opportunity to interact with the True Family.

Module 2: Fundraising

On STF, fundraising is not just a way to raise money but a character development activity. You will learn to set goals, withstand adversity and experience the joy of overcoming challenges. This module teaches how to experience God's deep heart of love for you and humanity while you experience a taste of True Parents' Course.

Module 3: International Service

Do you love to travel? Find yourself wanting to visit a different country? Well now's your chance! During your time on STF, you will travel to a developing country for 40 days of service. Broaden your horizons and have a transformative experience for yourself and the communities you serve.

Ocean Challenge

In many of her sermons, In Jin Nim has referred to her faith-building and character developing experiences during Ocean Challenge. We would like to extend this blessing to you. This is a precious time to connect to the heart to God, our True Parents, True Family and the Creation.

This is your year! Find purpose in your life and have fun doing it! Build a solid foundation before entering college. Develop lasting friendships with BC's around the world.

The application deadline is May 1st -- Sign up now! 

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