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Announcing STF Plan for 2010

Roland Platt
February 15, 2010

Dear STF Applicants and Parents:

May the blessing and love of God and True Parents be with your family.

It has been a very eventful year and STF has been transformed, and continues to be transformed in exciting new ways under In Jin Nim's leadership. In Jin Nim's desire is to invest in all of our children, as her own, sharing True Parent's love with them. This year the participants have learned so much about vertical tradition and becoming owners of their life of faith.

We, as STF staff, seek to provide the best possible training for our Blessed Children as a foundation to build successful Blessed families and to succeed through the college years, thus preparing them to become the true leaders that this world needs. Therefore, our prayer is to constantly improve the STF program and find the very best way to serve the entire Unification Family and God's Providence.

The one year program has three main focuses: Outreach and sharing one's faith through witnessing, International service experience and Fundraising Training. Throughout the year the participants will have the opportunity to understand Lovin' Life Ministries and connect in heart with True Family.

To access the application information please log onto and go to "Application". The application deadline is March 31st, upon receiving your application STF staff will contact you and carry out a phone interview.

We believe that STF provides a great opportunity for high school graduates to take a "leap year" to find out who they are and go into the college years with a solid footing and a higher purpose.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Roland Platt
Director, STF-USA

Application to STF

Welcome to the Online Application to STF!

This is the place you can always come back to in order to work on your application. Just click 'Application' on the top.

First of all, the application to STF is a process. It starts the moment you sign up on this website and takes until the moment you arrive at the Kickoff Workshop. During this time we will ask you to fill up an application form, submit written essays and other homework. Homework? Yes, like in school, HOMEWORK IS GOOD FOR YOU! Well, most of the time. In this case it's good because it will help you to be better prepared for STF. You will be surprised how quickly one year will pass by. That's why we want to make sure that you gain the most out of it from the very first day.


Registration Instructions:

Please provide us with the following information in order to complete the registration.

First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Select Category:

Please select the category which describes you the best! IMPORTANT! New Applicants to STF need to select: 'New Applicant'. Otherwise your application will not be processed.

STF Category: New Applicant First Year Participant Second Year Witnesser Second Year Captain Third Year Staff Core Staff Parent STF Family Members Friend of STF Graduate Left STF

From here on down the form only needs to be filled in by new applicants to STF. If you are not applying to STF and you just want to have access to the website, you can scroll down to the end of the form and click on 'Register'.

For new applicants all the fields are required! However, you don't need to do this right now. You can open your profile later and add information to your application another time. Just make sure you do so before the application deadline.



Zip or Postal Code:


Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

Street Address:

Parent's Contact info:

Father's Contact Phone Number:

Father's First Name:

Father's Email Address:

Mother's First Name:

Mother's Contact Phone Number:

Mother's Email Address:

Additional Information:

Gender: Male Female



Are you a US-Citizen or Green-card holder?

US-Citizen/Green-card: Yes


Blessing Info:

Blessing Status: Not Matched


Matched and Blessed

Blessing Date:

Health Info:

Please explain if you have any health concerns and why (previous injuries, surgeries, family history, flat feet, knee pain, back/neck pain, scoliosis, asthma, etc.

Please explain in detail any short or long-term physical ailment(s) other than above.

Health Concerns:


Personal Info:

Church related activities:

What kind of church-related activities have you been involved in during your high school years? (Witnessing or visiting churches with parents, living in parents' mission countries, leading youth ministry, working as a camp counselor, Service For Peace activities, Junior STF, etc)

Work History:

Work History: What kind of work experiences have you had, if any? Please describe the nature of your employment and how long you worked.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Extra Curricular Activities: What kind of extra-curricular activities (sports, music, school clubs, volunteer work, etc) have you been involved in during your high school years? How long did you participate? Please describe if you have received any awards or held any positions.

Additional Info:

Anything Else: Please share freely any additional information you would like the STF staff to know about you, besides points mentioned above.


Thank you for spending the time to fill in this form. When you click the 'register' button, an email with a confirmation link will be sent to you. Please check your email account and click on the link to confirm your application. Only after confirming your email will your account be accessible.

In case you don't receive a confirmation email:

Please check also your spam folder. In some cases the confirmation email might end up in your spam folder.

It might also be that you mistyped your email address when registering. In that case you would need to register again with the correct email address.

Please don't hesitate to contact us in case you have any difficulties. 

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