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Memo About Staff's Transition

Roland Platt
December 2, 2009

Dear STF Families,

Over the course of 15 years, STF has gone through dramatic changes. We have changed leadership several times and seen our educational models evolve. Through trial and error, often falling flat on our face, STF made effort to establish a program that would strengthen the spiritual development of blessed children from around the world. This was done to bear witness to the glory of our True Parents, who have personally invested in seeing this new generation succeed in the development of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

It is said that a program is only as good as the people who run it. Over the past 9 years, STF has been run by a small group of dedicated 1st generation staff. This staff truly lived an altruistic lifestyle. They regarded the participants as their own children and STF as one family. However, as time went on, the STF staff started having children of their own. Now they were placed in a very difficult situation where they had to allocate time to the STF participants and their own families. Often times, following in the footsteps of our True Parents, they made the difficult decision to invest in STF over their own children.

At this time of great transition, we are making strides towards a new and improved program. We are grateful for the investment that was made in the past but as with any new developments, tough decisions have to be made. At this time, STF will be letting go of three precious staff members after the God’s Day Workshop. These staff member are, Satoshi Kamiyama, Vasiliy Neobutov, and Kazuya Morita.

As with any decision of this magnitude, there are many emotions that one goes through. Let us not forget, what we do, is not who we are. These three elder brothers gave their lives diligently to the development of second generation. At the same time, as they move onto the next chapter of their lives, let us take time to appreciate the incredible sacrifices that were made.

As we move into a new era of STF, one full of hope and promise. We are always reminded of those who went before us to make the path easier. Let us take time to honor these great men who have given so much for the development of our youth.

There will be time for a special recognition / celebration during the God’s Day workshop honoring these great Heavenly Soldiers.

You are welcome to send them any encouraging words of support or appreciation directly to them.

Let us “Leave our Legacy” in December and bring 2009 to a victorious conclusion!


Roland Platt 

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