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Conclusion Workshop for 1st Year of STF

Roland Platt
July 5, 2008

What better environment than UTS to bring the STF Year 2007-08 to a great conclusion! It provided just what we needed: beautiful nature and a peaceful and spiritual environment to reflect and offer up a year of experiences to God.

1st Year teams, after a final week of total investment on the frontline gathered at UTS on the morning of July 2nd. That first morning was dedicated to Divine Principle lectures: with the 'World Wars' and the 'Second Advent' we completed our year long study of the Divine Principle. Then we spent the whole afternoon going all out in the final volleyball tournament of the year -- volley ball has been this year our focus as a sport to build confidence and teamwork. That night, through an exciting presentation we had opportunity to look back upon all the highlights and breakthroughs of this amazing year…

The 2nd day began with a very insightful morning service on the importance of 'Self-Reflection' given by Mrs. Christine Froelhlch. The rest of that day we reflected and did team building outdoor activities. In the evening we had testimonies which flowed until late, as brothers and sisters spontaneously got up one after another to share their heart of appreciation to God True Parents and True Family for the past year. Their was much joy, fulfillment and tears, we eventually ran out of time...

On July 4th morning we were reminded the greatness of America through a presentation on the founding spirit of this nation, and how God worked in a such a short time to raise it up. Tomeo Wise, a returning graduate, gave the morning service backed up by his own experience on 'How STF applies to life'. The highlight of the whole workshop was a very moving "Conclusion Ceremony" as each brother and sister came up to receive their certificate and warm words of appreciation from their team or group leader…

Overall I was so moved by the sincerity of heart of brothers and sisters as they focused until the final moment to make the very best offering of this year. 

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