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Urgent Notice: Changes Of STF Try-Out Dates

Roland Platt
February 23, 2007

Dear STF Applicants and parents:

Due to the recent busy schedules we have had, we have decided to change the try-out schedule for DC, NY and Boston. The schedule remains the same for the rest of the cities. All the tryouts will start at Noon or immediately after the Sunday Services, and end around 5-6 pm, depending upon the number of the applicants. If this new schedule conflicts with your personal/family plans or you have any questions regarding the tryout, please contact us immediately.

All the applicants must email their Application Form by February 28th and mail the rest of the application materials as soon as they are ready.

Sunday, March 4: Atlanta

Saturday, March 10: Dallas, TX and Bay Area, CA

Sunday, March 11: Denver, CO and Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, March17: Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL

Sunday, March 18: Washington DC and New York, NY

Saturday, March 24: Boston, MA

Thank you.

Roland Platt
STF-USA 1st Year Director

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