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Final Opportunity for Tryouts for STF USA 2006-7

Roland Platt
June 1, 2006

Dear Families,

Thank you for your wave of response; over 70 new applicants have been accepted through the 2006 2007 STF USA try-outs so far!

As we raised the bar, so too have many 2nd Generation risen up to meet the expectation of God, True Parents and True Family and responded to the call.

For all those who, for some reason or other, were not able to participate in the previous tryouts, we will have a final try-out for this year in two locations:

Saturday, June 24th, San Francisco Bay Area Sunday, June 25th, New York

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning to participate and send in the required application materials by June 14th-15th (10 days prior to try out)

Thank you, have a great preparation, check the website for more details (location and time)

Roland Platt,
STF USA 1st Year director

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