The Words of the Piorkowski Family

Beloved Brother Zach Piorkowski Passes Into Spirit World

January 27, 2006

Walter Zachary Piorkowski ascended on January 26th at 1:30 PM, 2005, at age 75. He and his wife Pat were matched and blessed by True Parents as an 1800 couple.

Zack was a Franciscan priest for 21 years, including 5 years as a missionary priest in South America. In 1968 he left the order because he felt God was working in a new way and he was looking for God's messenger. He read Arthur Ford's book in 1971 and accepted Father immediately. Zack began searching to find Father and eventually heard the Divine Principle in San Francisco. (Pat was a nun for 21 years, and also accepted Divine Principle after leaving her order.)

In 1973 Zack was sent by True Parents as the founding missionary to Argentina. He worked there by himself and without financial assistance. Pat joined him there after their blessing in 1975. When they left Argentina due to Zack's heart problems, they had established a firm spiritual and financial foundation there. Their first three members all have exchange blessings, and the eldest children of these couples are also blessed in exchange marriages.

In 1980 True Parents appointed the Piorkowski family to run a chinchilla ranch in the mountains of California. They remained there 4 years, but Zack's health made it necessary that they move to the East Coast. They lived in his hometown for eight years, and then felt called to return to the Washington, D.C. area.

Zack and Pat adopted two young boys while in Argentina. Zack and Pat were given a 2nd gen. son as an offering child in 1988.

Though Zack had multiple health problems over the last 10 years, he was a true prayer warrior, offering full heartistic support for local community members and True Parents' public events. When he heard about the 100-city tour, he told Heavenly Father he wanted to offer his life for True Parents' journey if such an offering was needed at this time. Pat wholeheartedly supported his offering. The last words he was able to speak to her were, "I love you with all my heart."

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