The Words of the Pierson Family

August Wedding

Edwin Pierson
April, 1995

Come to the wedding in August
the Bride and Bridegroom await you,
your bride or bridegroom awaits you.

Come to affirm your own faith
in God . . . in humanity
in true love . . .
in yourself . . . and your holy "other"
come to thank God for life --
even in this world
of pain and suffering
knowing . . . at last
how truly holy and divine
you are . . .

a husband or wife,
a brother or sister,
a parent--a child
of one family;
one world.

Come, come to your wedding,
this august
occasion of dedication
for world peace . . .
for world peace . . .
for true world peace . . .
forevermore. Amen.

edwin pierson
April 1995

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