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German Ambassador for Peace Exhibits Arabic Calligraphy

Fritz Piepenburg
March 16, 2011

Berlin, Germany -- "Calligraphy is another language for peace," explained Dr. Qais Saidi while presenting his works of art during the recent conference of the UPF National Peace Council of Germany in Berlin. Most of the 15 works of calligraphy are based on the Arabic word for peace: "salam."

Qais played with the letters and put them in such classical forms, such as Diwani, Thulth, and Tughra. However, he also experimented with completely innovative styles, putting the word in shapes of a boat, a dove, and waves on the ocean. He also used the motto of UPF International, [the world is] one family under God -- "usrah wahida that Allah" -- and created beautiful shapes from it.

Arabic calligraphy is a highly regarded form of art. Because Islam has prohibited religious images or statues, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish artists have developed calligraphy as the main vehicle of art. Since its content is mostly religious, calligraphy, like the Qur'an itself, is considered sacred.

Dr. Qais Saidi lives with his family in a village near Stuttgart. He is the president of the Greater Association of Mandeeans in Germany and works as a guest professor at various German universities. The exhibition can be visited at the Nachbarschaftshaus-Friedenau in Berlin for the duration of one month and then will move to other cities. 

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