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Lifting The Entry Ban For Dr. And Mrs. Moon In Germany And Cancellation Of The Schengen Listing

Fritz Piepenburg
November 23, 2005

Urgent appeal to support the current German endeavors to lift the ban


Today is the day, when the new government will be sworn in and take office.

The new Minister of Interior will be:

Dr. Wolfgang Schaeuble
Minister of Interior
Bundesministerium des Innern
Alt-Moabit 101 D
D-10559 Berlin
Federal Republic of Germany

He is a very reasonable man, physically handicapped (because he suffered an attack by a mentally disturbed woman) but with clear moral and political principles. He, as well as the incoming government, are pro-American (unlike the outgoing government).

The Unification Movement of Germany has already launched an appeal to Dr. Schaeuble for lifting the entry ban on Dr. and Mrs. Moon and for erasing their names from the so-called Schengen Information System (which, in effect, denies entry to the founding couple to most of the EU affiliated countries).

Now is the time to send letters of support, requesting the quick lifting of the ban. Especially current and former heads of state, heads of government, ministers, well known religious leaders and personalities of public standing can write directly to Dr. Schaeuble in support of withdrawing the entry ban completely.

Here are some suggested talking points:

The original reasons given by the German government in 1995 (when the ban was first announced) are obsolete and outdated; in 1995 the government argued that "a public appearance of Mr. and Mrs. Moon would lead to strong reactions among the German population; Mr. and Mrs. Moon are a serious threat to the security and public order of Germany, and contrary to national interests."

Recent developments give a different impression:

- Report by the special rapporteur to the UN on Human Rights and Religious Freedom in Germany, 1997

- Final Report by the German "Enquete Commission on So-Called Sects and Psycho-Groups", 1998

- The demarche of the US State Department, 2001

- Letter by the British Home Secretary, 2005

- Other Schengen countries have granted exceptions (Holland on Nov. 2nd/3rd and Denmark on Nov. 19th/20th) without creating any "stong reactions among the population".

Please send mail the letter to the above mentioned address and send a copy by e-mail to:

Thank you for your support at this crucial time in history


Fritz Piepenburg
Unification Movement of Germany

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