The Words of the Pickard Family

Heart of a Spiritual Parent

Julia Pickard
January 26, 2006

Witnessing to me is a great opportunity to understand Godís heart. I have a guest named Max. Heís from Cameroon Africa and I met Max on Sunday, while I was shopping for shoes. Max works at one of the shoe stores that I came too. When I met Max we ended up talking to each other about God and our lives. I randomly invited him to come to our center. Max ended up calling me to see when he could come and check out our Witnessing center. I felt so much love from God through that experience and I realized that witnessing is 24/7. I could see that God brings guests when we direct our mind and hearts on the one goal and purpose: to bring humanity back to God. I learned that God can use the reality of our hearts to find spiritual children, not just during the witnessing time schedule.

Now Max decided to commit to 21 days of studying one on one, Divine Principle reading. We call it Buja style. It brought me so much joy when I asked Max, one day, what he realized about the DP study. And he began listing the 4 fallen natures to me in details.

I could see that I couldnít just act the way I normally do around the house. I noticed that whatever I do, depending if itís a good choice or a bad choice determines the way Max feels. One night I was expecting Max to come to our center but he changed his mind at the last moment. Right before he called I had decided to not listen to my original mind and go sketch in my book instead of helping out around the center. Reflecting on that experience I could learn that the attitude of the guests reflects my actions even when theyíre not around.

Witnessing has helped me to confront my own personal issues. Witnessing has taught me how to listen to my original mind and how to use Principle in my daily life. The most important thing I have experienced was making my relationship with God real, resonating in my daily activities.

My guest, Max does DP study with other brothers in the center. And I start to worry not only about Max but also about his lecturers too. God gave me this experience so I could have a taste of a parental heart. A parent worries about every situation, thinks of every point of view to see what would be the best for the childís growth.

Every time I struggled for my spiritual son I would go and desperately pray for Max to have a deep study session . One revelation I got from God was if I could deepen my relationship with God, then Max will find a way to deepen his relationship with God as well.

Lately, Iíve been finding myself reading Divine Principle more and applying it in my daily life. I have also gained more conviction in True Parentís Love through witnessing and standing up for what I believe in.

I realize the most part of a witnessing is to witness to myself. When I face difficulties and different challenges I think those are the best time to witness to myself. The other day I decided to take some time out and write down all my feelings as a question to God. Then later that day I came back to those questions and answered them according to the Principle. I was able to connect to God through that experience and allow God to work through me to solve my own struggles.

Witnessing is bringing me back to God through the Word of Divine Principle and helping me understand the heart of God and True Parents.

As I was praying to God for Max to fulfill his destiny and that he can return back to God, I had an inspiration and wrote it down. This is what I received.

Please guide his Future life
His wife
Bless his children
He is a pilgrim
Wanting to explore
Not to ignore
The man upstairs
In all his affairs
His destiny is clear
Satan's touch is no where near
Heíll find the boat
Already afloat
Headed for sea
Then heíll know who he wants to be
Heís a part of God
The long rod
Connected to mother Eve
Dont worry he wonít leave
Our garden of love
We will rise above.

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