The Words of the Perry Family

Testimony to True Father's Autobiography

Emily Perry
March 12, 2011

Today I was at Barnes and Noble with my sister. We were sitting on a bench reading our books and, there was a lady sitting next to us talking on the phone. Every now and then I would hear little tidbits of her speech and, then would just continue on reading my book.

But at one point I heard her say the name reverend Sun Myung Moon and, my attention was caught. I listened to her tell the person on the other end about how incredible Rev. Moon is and, how his teachings about love and God are so powerful. She said that she believed that Reverend Moon would change the world someday.

I was so happy to hear a non-member saying such high praise about Father that I was tempted to actually talk to her but, my shy side got the better of me and I stayed quiet. Then as my sister and I were just about to leave the store, I felt such a strong urge from God to go and talk to that woman.

So, that's what I ended up doing. I went back and sat beside her and told her that I couldn't help overhearing her on the phone earlier, at which point she started apologizing for disrupting the peace but, I immediately interrupted and told her I was glad for the disruption and then I told her I am actually a member of the Unification Church.

Her face lit up with such joy at that and she grabbed my hand, shook it and told me she was delighted to meet me. She told me that the person on the phone earlier is actually a member who lives in Alaska and, whom she has known since that person was fifteen.

She explained that this member has been telling her for years about father but, she had refused to listen to any of it. She was very skeptical of our church and of Father and that she had never understood what Father was trying to do. But, then a year ago she had to get surgery on her shoulder.

During her recovery period she decided that she would give Father's autobiography a shot. She told me it was the most amazing thing she had ever read. That she now believes in Reverend Moon's mission on earth, given to him by Jesus. She continued to describe to me how awestruck she was over this wonderful man and his phenomenal wife whom, together, would accomplish incredible feats.

She would quote sections of Father's autobiography with tears in her eyes and a smile stretching across her face. She was so touched by the autobiography that for months now she has been trying to get her Korean physical therapist to read the autobiography and, although he refuses she keeps persevering because she knows that this book has the power to change lives.

She said that were more people to read this book our world would see many grand changes because this book contains such powerful knowledge and truth. The whole time she was speaking to me I couldn't get one word in and, so when I sensed a lull in her speech I jumped in and invited her to come to one of our services. I gave her the church address and details about our service and she said that she would probably make her way to one of our services within the next few months.

I was so excited to see how big of an impact father's book had made on this woman and I just knew that this book really has the power to change our world. 

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